American Thunder Hybrid Water Slide


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Introducing the American Thunder Hybrid Water Slide For Sale!

The American Thunder Hybrid Water Slide For Sale boasts a duo of slide lanes, a pool-type splash, 7 quick-deflation zippers, and 20 anchor points split between the perimeter base and upper lanyard. It requires a 1.5 or 2hp blower to function optimally.

  • Dimensions:-
  • Number of slide lanes: Two
  • Splash type: Pool
  • Number of Quick Deflation Zippers: 7
  • Number of Anchoring Points: 14 perimeter base, 6 upper lanyard
  • Blower Required: 1.5hp or 2hp
  • 15oz commercial grade vinyl throughout and 20oz heat welded vinyl slide and pool liner
  • 1 year seam to seam manufacturer warranty, 2 year manufacturer slide and pool liner warranty.

Our product is constructed from 15oz commercial-grade vinyl all around and 20oz heat-welded vinyl for the slide and pool liner. Backed by a 1-year seam-to-seam manufacturer warranty, it also includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for the slide and pool liner.

Designed with owners of rental inflatables and event organizers in mind, this heavy-duty, quality-ensured waterslide is perfect for all occasions. Whether you’re throwing a community event, planning a children’s party, or renting inflatables for an array of events, the American Thunder Hybrid Water Slide is an absolute must-have. Set yourself apart from your competitors and give your customers a unique experience that they will talk about long after their event.

It encompasses two wide slide lanes, providing double the fun. It also encompasses a considerable size pool at the terminus to ensure an ultimate splashdown. A total of 7 quick deflation zippers, which is more than most inflatables, ensure quick and effortless deflation and folding for transport or storage.

To guarantee stability, especially when dealing with enthusiastic and energetic sliders, this gigantic water slide lays claim to a significant number of anchoring points 14 around the perimeter base and another six on the upper lanyard. The power requirement for this sliding giant isn’t too demanding despite its size. A 1.5hp or 2hp blower is all it needs.

Crafted with 15oz commercial-grade vinyl throughout its structure, the slide and the pool liner are made from even stronger 20oz heat-welded vinyl. This investment, therefore, guarantees a high return due to its longevity.

Warranty is a prime concern for any client when purchasing such a product, and rightly so. With the American Thunder Hybrid Water Slide, clients can rest easy. Options include a 1-year seam-to-seam manufacturer warranty and an additional 2-year warranty for the slide and pool liner. This combo provides a double-layered blanket of protection ensuring peace of mind for your purchase.

The American Thunder Hybrid water slide purchase is designed for commercial users- inflatable rental business owners, party planners, and event organizers. It’s perfect for various occasions and is built to withstand heavy usage. It is an incredible feat of engineering, a dedication to customer satisfaction, and a testament to how far inflatable products have evolved to provide that unique experience.

This custom inflatable unit is available exclusively at BounceWave Inflatable Sales. Contact us for more information (888) 901-9283.

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